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Barco com velas e vista do Pão de Açucar

38 x 28 cm
óleo sobre madeira


"This is a vintage and rare original signed oil painting done on plywood by Artist, sculptor and painter: Adrian Henri Van Emelen Vital (see short Biography below), dates from the 1930s, appears to be a fishing scene from the Port de Santos (Brazil) area with Mount Serrat (best guess as the painting is not titled) in the background; the painting shows some wear due to time (paint cracks due to plywood contraction, dirt), exposure and storage, but still in very acceptable condition, see pictures for better details. it measures 15" X 11" with the small frame." - text from Worthopedia.

Visitor Luiz Careli wrote us saying "it seems rather to be the image of the sugar loaf in Rio de Janeiro and not Mont Serrat in Santos". We know he is right. And the painting will propably be painted in 1933. In this year van Emelen painted an almost the same painting of the sugar loaf "Pão de Açucar" but without boat in the front and this painting is dated 1933. A year before (could also be only some months) he painted a sailing boat in front of the "Ilha Fiscal" in Rio the Janeiro. 

Please note that Worthopedia also misspelded the name of the painter. It should be Adrien and not Adrian. Unfortunately, a lot of sites - even academic ones - make the same mistake.